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Aesthet XPert Peel Range is an advanced chemical peel which contains a balanced blend of acids to ensure an effective and safe peel, resulting in fresher, tighter and smoother skin.
The Salicylic acid-based Aesthet XPert Peel effectively works on numerous skin conditions including photo-damage, acne scarring and pigmentation.
Aesthet XPert Peel is a 20% hydroxy acid peel with a blend of acids, salicylic acid being at the highest concentration. The combination of these ingredients aid in advanced skin rejuvenation, while also providing comedolytic effect, cell regeneration, skin hydration, anti-inflammatory and anti-pigmentation.
For fresh, renewed and glowing skin it is recommended to use the full 5 step Aesthet product range:

• no acid gentle enzymatic peel without skin irritation •

Aesthet Enzymatic Keratopeel is a natural way to mild biological peeling and renewal of cells without skin irritation. It consists of a keratinase enzyme obtained from the bacterium Bacillus licheniformis. This protein is cross-linked and stabilised with a polysaccharide. Keratinases are a particular kind of proteolytic enzymes with the capability of hydrolyzing insoluble keratin substrates.
Aesthet Enzymatic Keratopeel selectively eliminates dead skin cells by a gentle enzymatic peeling to smooth the skin surface and promote cell renewal. Aesthet Enzymatic Keratopeel is a safe type of enzymatic exfoliation which does not require harsh conditions such as abrasion and a highly acidic pH and therefore is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and fragile skin.

• advanced skin rejuvenating serum •

Aesthet Recovery Serum Sanitatem is an advanced skin rejuvenating serum for the speedy recovery of dry, irritated and damaged skin. It can be used after plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic invasive procedures and recommended as part of an advanced anti-ageing programme to repair dry and damaged skin.