Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does ESSEL test their products on animals?
Q: Is it safe to use an exfoliating cleanser like the DermaPlex triple action cleanser daily?
Q: Can I use the cleanser to remove my make-up?
Q: I have pigmentation and acne, should I use both the blemish gel and the anti-dark spot together?
Q: Can I use ESSEL products on my sensitive skin?
Q: May I use the Humankind body butter on my face?
Q: I have a dry, itchy scalp. What can I use?
Q: Will the anti-dark spot serum react in the sunlight and cause my skin to darken?
Q: I am 40 with Pigmentation - is it safe to use the anti dark spot from the DermaPlex range along with my other products.
Q: My skin is very oily, will the blemish perfection genti-calm gel dry out my skin?
Q: I already go for a facial once a month and I don’t feel the need to use any products on my skin. Is this ok?
Q: Are ESSEL products suitable for both male and female?
Q: I want to start using the DNA•EPINEW range, which products you would recommend to start with?

Any More Queries ?

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