What is Skin Detoxing?

Detoxing is a very vague concept. We are constantly insisting on it, and trying new methods to achieve this goal, yet very few people understand toxins and the role they play in the body and skin.
Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from a living body.

FREE RADICALS, once again are widely spoken about yet not well understood. Free radicals are unpaired ions. They are unstable molecules which are very dangerous as they take electrons from stable “healthy” atoms. This will break down and destroy cells over time resulting in everything from diseases to general aging.
Free radicals are produced by the body, moreover, as the body ages, it loses the ability to naturally destroy free radicals. The result is a more free radical formation, and therefore more oxidative stress and finally more aggressive premature aging.
Oxidative stress is when oxygen molecules split into single atoms, becoming free radicals.

ANTIOXIDANTS are chemicals that lessen and prevent the effects of free radicals because they have more electrons and can “donate” electrons to free radicals thereby stabilizing them

Free radicals are directly linked to aging, and therefore it becomes important to detox the skin by supplying ANTIOXIDANTS to the skin. This will prevent premature aging and enhance skin function.

Signs of aggressive toxin build up in the skin
1. Dull, shallow complexion
2. Wrinkles and sagging skin
3. Congestion
4. Hyper Pigmentation in the form of lipofusin pigment

Lipofusin is a toxin build-up in the skin resulting in a yellow-brown pigment typically known as age spots. This is due to oxidized proteins and lipids.

Three steps to effective detoxing


DNA EPINEW SKIN TONE CORRECTOR targets lipofusin pigment. It uses plant extracts, all of which are antioxidants, including malted barley which is high in natural ferulic acid (a well-known antioxidant which also enhances other antioxidants).

Vitamin C is probably the most common antioxidant as well as one of the most effective. However, it quickly absorbed and in some cases has a very short reaction time (only active for 15minutes). Vitamin C is also well known for causing skin irritations due to its quick absorption.
DNA EPINEW VIT C OILE has 14% of Vitamin C. It has been uniquely formulated in an oil base to create a “slow-release” of Vitamin C, thereby ensuring a longer active time, and being less irritating on the skin.

In-practice treatments should include gentle chemical peels, like AESTHET EXPERT PEEL. All forms of mesotherapy from conventional to virtual mesotherapy (meso skin) will be beneficial.


Moisturizers that are antioxidants are very common, yet a lot of them have minimal results, this can be due to conflicting active ingredients or the size of the molecules.

DERMAPLEX DAY TONE MOISTURISER NORMAL COMBINATION SPF 20, combines the latest technology with the most sort after ingredients. Dermocean is a marine extract, which is an aggressive antioxidant while being heat and light-activated.

DERMAPLEX NANOVITAMIN MASK uses a combination of ingredients to detox and boosts the skins’ function and immunity. This is a great booster to be used once a week as a night cream.


Lifestyle factors like pollution, smoking, alcohol consumption, bad diet, and excessive sun exposure will increase free radicals in the body and skin. So the most important “preventative action” to take will be ensuring a healthy lifestyle. The second will be ensuring a good sunscreen is used and reapplied correctly.
Replication of sunscreen will depend on the skin type and the amount of SPF in sunscreen.
If it takes 10min for the skin to burn in the sun naturally, then multiply the SPF factor by 10 giving the total minutes the sunscreen will be protecting the skin, before it needs to be reapplied.

Fitzpatrick scale
Skin type 1 and 2 on average 5 to 10 min
Skin type 3 on average 10 to 15 min
Skin type 4 on average 15 to 20 min
Skin type 5 and 6 on average 20 to 25min

DNA EPINEW SUN PROTECTION CREAM SPF30 is nongreasy with a light moisturizing effect.

DNA EPINEW SPF 50 SPRAY, is ideal for men as it is light and convenient, it is also great to reapply over makeup, without ruining the makeup application.

Understanding free radicals and their effect on aging, as well as following a good detoxing routine will prevent premature aging.