8 steps to a Successful Facial

8 steps to a Successful Facial

Dermaplex has developed a variety of masks available for therapists to use on sensitive and pigmented skins.

Follow these easy steps for a successful facial.

STEP 1 Pre-cleanse face with triple action facial wash

STEP 2 Repeat cleanse under steam for ±10 minutes, use with brush machine if available

STEP 3 Apply blemish perfection genti-calm gel and then proceed with extraction if necessary

STEP 4 Apply Blemish perfection genti-calm gel on the areas you have extracted so to prevent any infections

STEP 5 Apply HumanKind tissue oil cream and massage for ±20-25 minutes

STEP 6 Apply a Dermaplex mask

STEP 7 Remove mask and apply either DermaPlex Anti-Dark spot fix n fade serum (Pigmentation problems) or DermaPlex Blemish perfection genti-calm gel (Problem skins)

STEP 8 Apply DermaPlex Day tone moisturizer Normal to Dry or Normal to Combination

Dermaplex is designed for professional and retail purposes. So if you’re looking for a small, affordable yet effective skincare range, this one is for you!