DermaPlex NeuSkin Skin Surface Rejuvenator

DermaPlex NeuSkin Skin Surface Rejuvenator

Multi-functional skin peeling – A potent and highly effective, multi-functional skin peeling treatment which re-surfaces, refines and re-polishes the skin to reveal a youthful complexion. 


A potent and highly effective, multi-functional skin peeling treatment which re-surfaces, refines and re-polishes the skin to reveal a youthful complexion. It contains the unique Regeneplex™ re-surfacing technology which is highly effective yet gentle to use, and enhances complexion and radiance  leaving the skin feeling soft, supple, radiant and moisturised.

Active ingredients:

Gentle bio-mimetic peptides which speed up epidermal renewal by weakening cell-cell adhesion, improving desquamation of corneocytes and therefore increasing stratum corneum turnover. They have been shown to have a significant effect on skin’s hydration, helping to refine the texture and reduce wrinkle depth.

10% Glycolic acid – Highly effective AHA with well-known keratolytic effect. Glycolic acid works as an exfoliating agent due to its high acidity but easy solubility.  It removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to bring fresh new skin to the surface.

Tartaric acid from grape, citric acid and malic acid from apple – natural alpha-hydroxy acids which are able to stimulate skin regeneration due to their exfoliating effects on the stratum corneum.

Extracts from apples, lemons and grapes used in the formula are a rich source of pectins, natural polymers with high capacity of water retention on the skin and effective soothing agents which prevent skin inflammation.

Enzymatic bioliquefied extracts from red grape skin and wheat bran are both protective and nourishing agents extracted in bio-available forms. Wheat bran is rich in acid phenolics such as ferulic acid with strong antioxidant and UV protective properties. Hydrolised wheat bran stimulates skin’s metabolism due to its highly effective bio-available poly saccharides. They moisturise the skin and promote collagen synthesis. Phenolic collected from hydrolysed grape skin is known to prevent degradation of collagen and other skin proteins such as insoluble form of elastin. These molecules help to protect the collagen micro-fibrils, prevent skin tone loss and wrinkle formation.

Salicylic acid – is beta–hydroxy acid with effective keratolytic effect. It is commonly used to treat comedonal or non-inflamed acne. Salicylic acid helps to correct  the desquamation process, works as an exfoliant, promoting the sloughing away of dead skin cells.  Salicylic acid is especially helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the hair follicle and helps to prevent the pores from getting clog-ged. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the skin reducing possible redness and swelling. In addition, salicylic acid has an anti-bacterial effect on the skin reducing the number of acne causing bacteria. It helps to lighten discoloration or hyperpigmentation that often result from the acne.

D-Panthenol – more stable form of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5). It improves skin hydration by attracting water into the upper layer of the skin; has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated skin. It stimulates epithelisation thereby enhancing regeneration of the skin and helps to heal minor wounds.

Blend of humectants as a substitute for the ‘’Natural Moisturising Factors’’ (NMF) of human skin such as Sodium PCA, Glycine, Fructose, Urea, Niacinamide and Lactic acid. The unique blend of effective moisturising agents has an excellent affinity to the skin, protecting it against irritation, minimises itching due to supreme moisturizing activity and regulates the moisture on the skin’s surface.

To use: Apply 5ml of the DermaPlex Skin Surface Rejuvenator on the skin using a professional brush. On first time application leave the peel on for 5 minutes, thereafter increase the time of the application until 10 minutes. Remove with DermaPlex Neutraliser Wash using ESSEL professional procedure. The treatment can be done every two weeks. Avoid contact with eyes.