DermaPlex Professional Deep Peel AHA Masque

An exfoliating peel-off mask

The Deep Peel AHA Masque is an exfoliating masque that works with a fruit acid blend – a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids that has cell renewal, firming and soothing properties on the skin.


Cell stimulating, improves skin cell turnover rate, exfoliating, firming, anti-inflammatory.

It has a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts:

  • 57 % bilberry
  • 24% Sugar Cane
  • 3% Sugar Maple
  • 8% Orange
  • 8% Lemon

Alpha Hydroxy acids promote a younger smoother looking skin by increasing the skins natural skin cell turnover rate.

Natural extracts have a relaxing, soothing effect for irritated, acne and sun burnt skins. It reduces skin reactions and inflammation. And stimulates new collagen synthesis. Improves the skins natural protective barrier. It helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation. conditioning, moisturising, soothing immune stimulating properties.

Apply 10ml of the Masque on skin. As soon as the Masque dries peel it off from the skin.

For exfoliation on all skin types, pigmentation, acne, open pores, rough skin texture, scarring etc.